February 24, 2024

Chris Sutton has been left stunned by something that Nottingham Forest did against Brentford at the weekend.

The pundit was speaking on BBC 5 Live Sport. So, what has the Nottingham-born Sutton had to say about Forest? Let’s take a closer look…

What Chris Sutton said about Nottingham Forest

The hot topic of discussion from the weekend’s games is whether or not Ivan Toney cheated against Forest.

In moving the referee’s foam – and the ball – some feel that he’s brought the game into disrepute somewhat and it goes against the laws of the game.

The law is sketchy in this instance and perhaps suggesting it’s cheating is somewhat over the top.

It doesn’t feel right, however, although Sutton feels strongly in the other direction and can’t believe what Forest did.

He told BBC 5 Live Sport: “Should Forest write to their own players who were in the wall for being so stupid and not shuffling across? Are they going to make it official? Maybe that would work.

“Well, I cannot believe, honestly, I just cannot believe that the players just didn’t react. Everybody knows what Ivan Toney is trying to do.

“Why didn’t the Forest players react? So blame the PGMOL, blame everybody other than yourselves, Nottingham Forest. I’ve got no sympathy for them on that one.”


Love him or not Sutton has a point

Gary Neville called Forest ’embarrassing’ yesterday after the club decided yet again to write to the PGMOL.

He had a point – much like Sutton has one about Forest here.

Forest can plead and moan that this situation wasn’t right but ultimately the team has to be more switched on defensively.

Why the wall didn’t take it upon itself to slide across is a complete mystery and in truth, Toney won’t score an easier free kick.

Sutton will naturally take some stick from defensive Forest fans after these comments.

However, it’s hard to argue against the fact that he’s made some extremely valid points regarding the Forest defence on Saturday.

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