February 25, 2024

Everton’s entire transfer and business model has been forged around trying to avoid the impending profit and sustainability sanctions.

Few would disagree with the steps Kevin Thelwell has made to finally achieve true sustainability, even though that has technically failed given they were recently found guilty of another alleged infraction and docked ten points.

The Premier League will penalize the Toffees even if they are undoubtedly now functioning considerably more within their means than the majority of their competitors if they are unable to recognize that.

This most recent report, which may explain how they might try to hit them with yet another PSR penalty that exceeds their original deduction, is the lone example of that idea.

What other sanctions could Everton receive?

Everton FC v Manchester United - Premier League

That is a suggestion outlined by Liverpool ECHO writer Joe Thomas, who penned a new piece regarding the myriad of sanctions at the disposal of the Premier League.

This comes just days after one finance expert detailed a third potential breach reportedly set to come in the new season.

Well, writing about how they might be dealt with in a manner differing from the deduction which has plunged them into a relegation dogfight once again, he offered the following outcome.

It does not sound good. The writer claims: ‘Secondly, the independent panels commissioned to hear Everton’s appeal and then its defence against a second allegation could consider a transfer ban on the club. In some ways, that could be more damning than the loss of further points.’

The journalist later goes on to cite how an inability to bolster a squad set to lose several stars through expiring contracts and loans might prove catastrophic.

Will Everton be able to appeal their alleged PSR breaches?

Already Everton are in the midst of appealing their initial ten-point deduction, which is a process due to start in February and hopefully reach its conclusion by the end of the month.

The Toffees appear to be in the best position to continue arguing not about their innocence but rather about the severity of the sentence meted out in comparison to their offense, especially with the addition of KC Laurence Rabinowitz to support their position.

They will then have the opportunity to start a new appeal process concerning their most recent alleged breach after that one has ended.

The season’s finale promises to be intense on and off the field, with the legal staff now having an impact that rivals or surpasses that of the playing staff.

They will have a difficult task ahead of them in attempting to reduce the sentences and prevent Thomas’s suggested conclusion.

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