February 24, 2024

Everton’s takeover at the hands of 777 Partners continues to rumble on.

As the Miami-based company keeps overcoming obstacles in their quest of the Merseyside club, this has to be one of the longest contracts in Premier League history.

They seem determined to include the Toffees in their expansive multi-club concept, seeing them as the crown gem among teams like Melbourne Victory, Hertha Berlin, Sevilla, and Genoa.

With a new setback appearing every other week, it is almost commendable how resilient they have been in the face of such relentless hardship.

Many have sought to discredit their financial power and ability as owners, yet they take everything in stride.

However, this latest piece of news might worry Josh Wander and co…

Could 777 Partners’ Everton takeover collapse?


Given his connection to Everton, Paul Brown has been one figure who has continuously worked to expose 777 Partners’ shortcomings as prospective owners and to damage the company.

He has now provided an update, which will have pleased him when he initially heard the news, in an interview with GIVEMESPORT.

While there have been previous consortiums associated with a late takeover in recent months, Brown has indicated that this most recent consortium may fail if the current circumstances breakdown.

The journalist now notes: ‘We did reach out to the other group of US investors who are waiting to see how things go at Everton with this takeover and who have expressed an interest.

‘I’m told that the fact that Everton were charged again, and could potentially end up with another points penalty, should not necessarily be an issue in terms of their interest or not. So I do think that if the 777 Partners takeover collapses, another bidder is likely to emerge.’

Would Everton go into administration without 777 Partners’ support?

The financial support that 777 Partners have already given Everton is well known, even if it is still unknown when and if the Premier League will approve their agreement.

The proposed owners have now loaned Everton a total of around £142 million, which is being used for both the ongoing operating expenses and the rapidly expanding Bramley-Moore Dock stadium.

The latter scenario is especially scary since it puts the club in such a bad place that they have no choice but to look for a long-term solution to a short-term endeavor.

It is intolerable to consider where the Toffees may be at this moment without these loans.

Like it or not, Everton are heavily reliant on 777 Partners now. It would seemingly take a miracle to see the deal fall through, as in doing so it could take the Merseyside outfit down with them.

That is, unless this new bidder acts fast…

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