February 29, 2024

Everton, across their illustrious history, have played host to some equally dark days under a whole host of underperforming managers.

There have been some huge highs, way back when, and some crushing lows for fans to endure, all of which combine to make the Toffees experience an authentic and at times hilarious one.

Few clubs would maintain their level of support had they treated their supporters to some of the things that Evertonians have faced, and yet their following is unwavering and the passion remains.

That being said, there have been some dark moments where that faith was truly tested.


Under Mike Walker, it was incredibly tough going, and then more recently the likes of Rafa Benitez and Frank Lampard combined to condemn the club to years of relegation troubles.

Well, one journalist still blames the latter to this day for his transgressions, making a lofty claim about the 45-year-old…

What has been said about Frank Lampard’s spell at Everton?

The former Chelsea midfielder, when he was appointed, drew excitement from a fanbase who was just happy to see Benitez depart.

The Spaniard had worked miserable miracles in taking the Toffees from mid-table security to the foot of the table, and thus handed the reins to an unproven tactician still seeking to prove himself in the game.

Admittedly, what he inherited was a broken club, but his work in the following season after securing Premier League survival was undefendable.

Speaking for The Toffee Blues, FIFA Journalist James Pendleton would pull no punches despite admitting that his work in winning some huge matches went a long way towards avoiding relegation.

He claimed: ‘‘Worst manager in our history? I think it’s a very fair shout, right up there with Mike Walker obviously. So so bad.’

Who is Everton’s worst-ever manager?

This poisonous title is likely contested by the three aforementioned names: Walker, Benitez and Lampard.

Whilst the former had been the man to come closest to the drop, with only a final-day comeback win over AFC Wimbledon securing their top-flight status at the death, his transfer business proved useful in forging a stronger squad that Joe Royle would later use to win Everton’s latest major honour.

His 0.84 points per game ratio sits alone at the bottom when compared to his other miserable competitors, but is closely followed by Lampard’s 1.00 and Benitez’s 1.14.

Across his 32 matches in charge too, Walker would lead his side to a meagre six wins. Torrid figures given Benitez won one more in ten fewer games, and Lampard doubled that tally from 44 matches in charge.


Everton Training Session
Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

However, it is worth noting how the Spaniard started the club on its current decline, with his reign proving the catalyst for the misery that has followed.

Albeit, the ex-Derby County boss did not aid proceedings, and whilst he rebuilt a relationship with the fans initially, that trust was soon shredded in the season that followed.

Just one win in his last 14 games sealed his fate, with his team looking lost. Only now that Sean Dyche is in charge does the club look headed back towards a period of stability again, should they navigate this latest alleged breach and escape the drop again.


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