February 21, 2024

The Mayor of San Donato, Francesco Squeri, has confirmed some of the details relating to AC Milan’s new stadium project in the area after today’s press release.

The San Donato Milanese City Council signed a decision on the proposed urban planning variation for the construction of the facility on Thursday, January 25, which might be a significant day in Milan’s quest to develop a new home in the southeast of the city.

The announcement was confirmed via a press statement today, and the five-point plan suggested by the Council may now move forward after the Milan Board of Directors convened two days ago to approve the purchase of new property for the stadium.

The Mayor of the San Donato Milanese area, Francesco Squeri, offered an official comment during a press conference held and he confirmed some of the timelines and parameters of the Rossoneri’s plans.

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“A long and complex path opens up for our city which will involve multiple institutional subjects. The citizens and the various social components of the city and the territory will also be involved in this path,” he said (via Calciomercato.com).

“In fact, a process of involvement, information and participation will be promoted to collect contributions for improvement with respect to the project which, in the vision of the Administration, can represent a great opportunity for attractiveness and growth not only for San Donato but for the entire South of Milan.

“We are aware, however, that for this to happen, various aspects will have to be explored in depth to identify solutions in terms of services, infrastructures and new opportunities such as to make the new settlement a reason for valorising our territory.

“The task of us Administrators will be to guide this path , well aware of being guarantors of the interests of the entire community that will be involved.

“The points on the agenda are potentially those of a transport system through the development of a new railway station , the reduction of the use of cars and the recovery of areas intended for parking. It is estimated that it will take about an hour to clear everything out.

“The San Donato station will have to become a real station. All this to reduce the influx of road transport. The San Donato metro is about 1,000 metres away from the area but there is the possibility of creating shuttles, but it is too early to talk about it.

“The commitment is certainly to reduce road transport. This is the project challenge because it is unthinkable to have 70,000 people move by road. Even the car parks could not support this type of transport.

“The recovery of the closed municipal sports facilities is planned,the objective is to transfer the advantages also to municipal sports facilities with the creation of a functional network of facilities.

“In the Sportlifecity project it is expected that the energy developed will be autonomous and will be enough for the entire complex.

“We will listen to the citizens, we will evaluate the ideas collected to try to improve the project for its impact on the city.

“What I hear from Milan I know from my relationships with SportLifeCity. Milan would like to inaugurate the stadium in October of the 2028-29 season. In the program agreement there is talk of 18 months, but there are many entities and it is not you never know how it will end.”

In Milan’s plans there is not only the stadium with 72,000 seats distributed over two tiers, because the facility will in fact be built as a ‘podium’ to include a car park, a theme park for families, a theatre, a club shop and museum too.

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