February 27, 2024

Everton have endured a disaster past few months, having seen ten points docked in November and then recently being accused of further financial misconduct just last week.

It feels like just when some semblance of stability is returning, the Toffees are dragged back down to earth in dramatic fashion.

For the fanbase, it is supremely tiring, so god knows how Sean Dyche and his players must be feeling. Motivation is certain to have taken a dent knowing that another sanction like November’s could well be on the way, even if Alan Myers has suggested that two punishments in one season seems unlikely.

It is hard to believe anyone spreading shreds of positivity now though, given things seldom work out for Evertonians.


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That being said, Paul Quinn, better known as The Esk on X, continues to suggest that Everton are guilt-free with this second verdict despite having been accused of negativity in the past.

This is a standpoint he even came to blows with David Ornstein over…

What The Esk and David Ornstein said about Everton’s PSR issues

Speaking for The Toffee Blues, the financial fanatic would reveal how he spoke with the journalist regarding the upcoming PSR announcement back before January the 15th, when the news broke.

Despite eventually being wrong, he explains what their disagreement stemmed from, and how even now there could be a future where his claims still come to fruition.

The writer noted: ‘I had spoken to David Ornstein quite extensively before the announcement was made. I had my reasons for saying what I said and I still stand by those reasons and I’ll talk about them in a second.

‘He kept saying to me: ‘Paul, I think you’re wrong, as much as I respect your research that’s not what the industry is telling me. The industry is telling me that Everton are going to be charged again.’ And I was like well, okay, that’s what you’re saying but I’ve got these figures and I’ve got an explanation as to how we’re going to present these figures and if that explanation is correct, which I think it is, then we’re going to be fine.


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‘So we had this stand-off between us beforehand and of course it turns out that the Premier League have gone down one route and the data that I’ve been given and the suggestions I’ve been given in terms of why we weren’t going to have a problem turned out to either be not accurate, or the club decided not to go down that route for whatever reason.’

So will Everton get charged again?

Having been hit with their ten-point deduction back in November, it already feels like the Toffees have had all the negativity they need for one season.

However, that latest alleged breach is set to throw another spanner into the works, even if The Esk attests that it is a baseless one.

As someone who meticulously combs through the club’s finances with regularity, he is usually one to be trusted even if his message has often been one fans did not want to hear.

So, having been largely correct over the years, there is no reason to start doubting his credentials now that his latest claim is a positive one.


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Ornstein had heard that they were to be found guilty again, but that does not mean they are 100% set to be punished. It was merely the Premier League’s verdict.

If anything, Quinn knows far more about the inner-workings of the situation, and whilst he may have been wrong about the initial outcome, over the long-term and following their two appeal processes, it bodes well with such a knowledgeable person remains assertive that Everton followed the rules this time.


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